Profile#1279008 Ruby 14 will you help me get undressed

What do you like to think about when you have your hand wrapped around your cock ?
Maybe you're a cuckold and you close your eyes and think of the last time your wife or girlfriend was fucked by another man while you watched from the corner...
Or do you have panties on ?
Are they pink ?
Where did you get them ?
Are they all soft and silky ?
And feel so good rubbing against your skin.
And what about the normal more vanilla kind of guy. To busy for a girlfriend or just looking for another phone fuck buddy...
When I joined TTM I was looking for a new hobby...and what a hobby I have
I've been having a great time here on the site...It's been an eye opener on many different
I'm figuring out what I LIKE to talk about and what I DON'T LIKE to talk about...
I'm afraid I'm not much of an actress and for me, that's what it would take to talk about some stuff...
I'm too independent to be submissive...I'll never beg a man for anything...!!!
I totally enjoy giving you JOI...
Let me laugh at that little Pee Wee...
Mutual Masturbation is always fun...
Role Plays...who do you want me to be ?
Kinky...I'll piss on you, fuck you with a big strap-on and let's do it outside...
I'm NOT into the 5 major taboos...
Ruby is waiting...
Cum and let me tell you about my adventures in remote Alaska...and we also go to town every now and then...!!!
I'm a cook in a northern gold mine and thought it would be a hoot if I came out here and told of my adventures...there have been many (smiling)...
It all started by taking a ride on a train...have you ever had sex on a train ?
Right now, during the winter, I stay closer to town and keep my ladies busy...;)
so train sex, sex with my realtor, and I did try a job before I got lucky...the interview I'll never forget...!
So cum talk to a little piece of heaven in Alaska...hear about the true going ons at the mine and in town
I know you're going to wish you were right here...taking part in the next adventure !
Ruby...a little piece

My Scorecard
Average Call Rating: 5.00
out of 5
Answered Calls: 100% Answered Messages: 100% Favorited By: 69
Personality Score: 9.92
out of 10
Most Common Call Reasons:

Fantasy/Role Play & Instruction

A call with me is frequently described as:


Callers often describe me as:

Bubbly & Caring

My most mentioned special talent is:

Character role play & Especially alluring voice

My Recent Reviews
  • robertmclean2

    so so good

    Rubythanks for the stars...

  • slimhx

    Ruby's addictive...what a wonderful woman!!

    Rubyso fun to put the voice and the mind's image together... Ruby kissing your cheek... xoxox

  • Wetbottomboy

    Ruby truley enjoys what she does and it shows! Her voice is amazing and she gets into your fantasy as much as you do!

    Rubyhow fun...;) I bet you need a changing, don't you ? naughty...xoxox

  • potchi

    Ruby is down to earth and very sensual and sexy. It must get lonely up in Alaska. Stop by and give her a call.

    Rubyoh my...I'm speechless, doesn't happen kisses until our next visit...

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My Recent Posts
  • Ruby

    hey I'll send you a nice photo if you reply to this post...!!!

  • Ruby

    I'm just waking up and wishing I had a hard you have one ?

  • Ruby

    Let's cook on the grill and have desert upstairs in the loft...

  • Ruby

    skin to skin...nothing like it, cum rub me ...

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